April 1 – November 30, 2024 the Steamboat Grand Hotel will close for to undergo infrastructure renovations. Learn more.

Steamboat Grand Closure

On April 1, 2024 the Steamboat Grand Hotel will close for approximately 8 months to undergo infrastructure renovations for the 400,000 square foot hotel complex.  One of the main improvements will be to replace the existing pipe infrastructure from the original build, as well as modernizing the elevators. Rooms will also see upgrades with new furniture. Prior to the closure, the Steamboat Grand HOA and Steamboat Ski Resort & Corporation (which manages the property), decided on the full closure as the best approach to resolve the aging infrastructure.

We appreciate our guests and homeowners’ patience and support as we undergo this massive project with the goal of opening in December for winter vacations. While we won’t be taking reservations for the 2024 spring, summer and fall seasons, we are able to make winter 2024 vacation reservations now.


Frequently Asked Questions:

When is the Grand expected to close? The Grand will close on April 1 2024. The hotel will close before the 23/24 winter season is complete, as the proposed timeline needs approximately 8 months. Guests can find April lodging accommodations by working with Steamboat Central Reservations (800-922-2722).

Why is the Grand closing? For long overdue infrastructure improvements including replacing all mainline water pipes, updating the fire alarm systems in all guests’ rooms and op panels, modernizing the elevators, upgrading room furniture and amenities. This project has been on the radar for a while and a completed closure of the hotel is the most effective, time-efficient way to proceed.

When will the Grand reopen? The Grand is slated to reopen by December 1, 2024.

What if I have a previously made reservation during the closure? Good news, you don’t! We have blocked off the spring, summer and fall dates as part of the closure and have not made these dates rentable, so if you have a confirmed reservation for the Steamboat Grand Hotel in 2024, you are booked during the period when we are open. If you believe you have a reservation during the closure time, please contact Steamboat Central Reservations for clarification.

Is the parking garage still open during the project? No, it is not open. There will be no parking for guests, staff, owners, etc.

Is this just one area of the hotel? Nope- the ENTIRE hotel including all guest rooms, restaurants, pool facilities, meeting rooms, parking garage, offices, etc. will ALL be part of the construction zone.

As an owner, am I able to use the Grand Parking Garage across the street during the closure? Yes, homeowners and guests will still be able to utilize the Grand Parking Garage across the street. Owners will be issued a parking code each month for the vehicle registered on file.

What will happen to your staff? We have been working directly with all impacted staff for the last few months to help during the transition time, either find new Steamboat Ski Resort based jobs, file for unemployment or secure offsite jobs with an expected return when the hotel re-opens.  We know our staff is a big part of why you chose to stay/own at the Steamboat Grand Hotel and our goal is to re-open bringing back as many team members as possible.


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