Steamboat Grand Spa

The Grand Spa is currently not accepting reservations. Please check back at a later date for availability.

The Grand Spa offers a number of different massages and body treatments aimed at providing the tailored remedy that your body requires. We are proud to use all-natural and paraben-free products in all of our treatments, as well as our retail offerings. Please call 970-871-5514 for more information or 877-783-2628 to book.

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The Grand Spa is conveniently located across the street from Gondola Square, on the lobby level of the hotel.


Reservations can be made by calling the spa desk at 970-871-5514. To ensure that you receive your preferred treatments, we recommend booking as far in advance as possible. Gender specific requests will be honored if possible, however specific therapist requests can only be honored if the specific therapist is scheduled on that date and time. We have a 24 hour cancellation policy or you will be responsible for the full charge of your treatment. Missed appointments will be charged at 100% of the scheduled fee.

On the Day of Your Visit

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time to fill out your paperwork. If you are late, time will be deducted from your treatment in order to allow the next guest to start on time.

Feel free to wear whatever you are comfortable in to come to the spa. Robes are provided in the closet of every hotel room, but street clothes are certainly acceptable as well. Time is provided for you to change in your treatment room prior to receiving your service.

Please leave your valuables at home or in your room. The Grand Spa is not responsible for lost or stolen items.



*All of our massage, body treatments, and add-ons are performed by Massage Therapists that have completed a minimum of 500 hours of massage training, as well as additional training on treatments specific to our spa

Swedish (30, 50, or 80 minutes): Intended to energize the muscles by stimulating circulation with long, fluid strokes over the body. It promotes relaxation and improved circulation which may speed healing and reduce swelling from injury.

Sports Therapy (30, 50, or 80 minutes): There are various types of sports massage which makes this massage customized to everyone and often includes a lot of stretching and/or client participation. We focus on different areas of the body for different sports and include pre-event therapy, post-event therapy, and injury treatment.

Neuromuscular (30, 50, or 80 minutes): Used for those who experience distortion, contractions, or spasms in muscles by eliminating points that trigger pain. Neuromuscular massage can also help to rebuild strength in injured tissues, restore proper alignment, and increase flexibility to problem areas.

Deep Tissue (30, 50, or 80 minutes): Generally performed along with other massage techniques, deep tissue massage has an emphasis on reaching the deeper layers, which can help with chronic muscular pain, injury rehabilitation and reducing inflammation-related pain caused by arthritis and tendinitis.

Hot Stone (70 minutes): The use of heated basalt stones along with oil and basic massage techniques deliver a deeply relaxing treatment. This combination of heat and pressure penetrates to deeper musculature with ease, as opposed to the force applied with deep tissue massage.

Hot Scalp (20 minutes): Therapists use hot avocado and essential oils to massage the scalp.

Pregnancy (30, 50, or 80 minutes): This is an adaptation of any of our four basic massages with an emphasis on key areas affected by pregnancy. The client must be at least 13 weeks or later to receive this treatment.

Couples (50 or 80 minutes): Choose between any of our four basic massages and enjoy a massage alongside your partner. Each person will have their own therapist.

Tandem (50 or 80 minutes): Choose between any of our four basic massages, but enjoy being worked on by two therapists simultaneously.

Body Treatments

Dead Sea Mud Wrap (75 minutes): Good for deep cleansing as well as purifying. Dead Sea mud is extremely rich and packed with minerals, leaving you with a youthful glow afterwards.

European Sea Kelp Wrap (75 minutes): Good for treating dry skin, deep cleansing, and purifying. European Sea Kelp is extremely rich and packed with minerals which helps detoxify as well as encourage cell regeneration.

Sugar Scrub (50 minutes): Used for exfoliation, the Sugar Scrub is less abrasive, more absorbent and smaller-grained than the Salt Glow (see next), which makes it better for those with sensitive or fair skin.

Salt Glow (50 minutes): Used for exfoliation, the Salt Glow is more abrasive and larger-grained than the Sugar Scrub.

Add-On Options

Mini Salt Glow (offered as a 30-minute extension to a service): Exfoliate with this larger-grained, more abrasive option compared to the Sugar Scrub (see next).

Mini Sugar Scrub (offered as a 30-minute extension to a service): A less abrasive, more absorbent, and smaller-grained option compared to the Salt Glow, making it a great exfoliation option for those with sensitive or fair skin.

Essential Oil Blend (does not add time to any service):  A great way to promote relaxation, recovery, and general well-being. Choose from a variety of oils, which are then used used in addition to the massage cream – ask your therapist for advice.

Hot Scalp Massage (does not add time to any service): Therapists use hot avocado and essential oils to massage the scalp.  This can be added to any massage or esthetic service.

Hand OR Foot Treatment Add-On (10 minutes): Exfoliate your skin with a mask, followed by a hot stone placed in the palm of each hand or between the toes and then wrapped in a warm towel. Finish with a relaxing hand/foot massage. This can be added to any massage or esthetic service.