Grand Market

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The Grand Market is closed for the spring season and is projected to reopen Memorial Day weekend.

Located on the lobby level of the hotel, the Grand Market offers Starbucks’ coffee drinks and a variety of salads, snacks, beverages, heat and serve meals and grocery items.

Breakfast Items: pastries, muffins, donuts and breakfast burritos and sandwiches.

Snacks: Chips, dips, salsa, queso, candy, fruits, vegetables, granola bars, cookies, ice cream.

Beverages: Starbucks’ coffee, tea, milk, juices, Powerade, soda, bottle water, Red Bull.

Groceries: Butter, eggs, bread, pasta, rice, non-perishable items, deli meats and cheeses, soup, sauces, frozen pizzas and a variety of heat and serve meals (options vary).