Full list of Benefits:

Trip Cancellation & Interruption:†

Trip Cancellation and Interruption coverage provides protection up to the covered amount for prepaid and non-refundable expenses caused by a covered reason, including job loss, injury, illness, traffic accident and others**.

Trip Cancellation coverage provides reimbursement for prepaid, non-refundable expenses, like booking fees and rental deposits. Trip Interruption coverage offers reimbursement for the unused, non-refundable portion of the trip and any increased transportation costs to return home due to a covered reason. Once a winter storm is announced, Trip Cancellation/Interruption benefits for policies purchased after that date may be limited because that event is no longer "unforeseen or unexpected." For coverage questions, please call Access America.

Sporting Benefits:†

 Provides coverage for sporting equipment and will reimburse rental costs if your equipment is lost or damaged, or delayed by a common carrier for at least 12 hours, or stolen. Benefits also provide reimbursement for non-refundable sports-related deposits and payments such as lift tickets, equipment rentals and lessons*.

Travel Delay:†

Provides coverage on a one-time basis for reasonable additional accommodations and traveling expenses incurred due to a covered delay of at least six hours.* Once a winter storm is announced, Travel Delay benefits may be limited for policies purchased after that date because that event is no longer "unforeseen or unexpected." For coverage questions, please call Access America.

Baggage Coverage:†

Provides benefits for loss, damage or theft of your baggage and personal effects, provided you've taken all reasonable measures to protect, save and recover the property*.

Baggage Delay:† 

Provides reimbursement for your expenses if your luggage doesn't arrive when you do and the bags cannot be located for 24 hours**.

Vehicle Return:†

Provides transportation for your automobile back to your primary residence should you become ill/injured and unable to drive*.

Roadside Assistance:†

24-Hour Emergency Towing, Assistance with flat tires, gas, battery jumpstart, winching*.

Emergency Medical Transportation:† 

In the event of injury or illness, the coverage will pay for emergency medical transportation services, which are required to move you to the nearest appropriate healthcare facility, as well as pay up to $5,000 toward your return trip home**.

24-hour Travel Assistance:†

Our Customer Service Associates are always available. They can help provide travel and emergency assistance for common travel incidents-from medical emergencies to legal referrals and travel planning.

* Up to the covered amount.

** These are just a few events that could form the basis of a covered Vacation & Rental Protection insurance claim.

Insurance benefits are underwritten by BCS Insurance Company on Master Policy Form No. 52.201 or 52.401 and administered by World Access Service Corp. Coverage for insurance benefits is limited to a trip of 120 days or less. The program does not cover losses or expenses if they result from any pre-existing condition. For a complete description, including the exclusions, conditions and limitations that apply, please see the Certificate of.