Banquets & Events

The Steamboat Grand Group Sales team provides professional expertise, individual service, and on-site assistance throughout the planning process and during your banquet or special event.

Function Space Assignment For Meetings, Banquets, or Your Special Event

Function Space is routinely assigned based on the number of people you expect to attend and the requirements of the set-up of the room. The more information you can provide us with, the better chance we have of meeting your needs. Generally, the room that we assign for your event is available to you two (2) hours prior to your event, and for one (1) hour after your event. Just as we are dependent on other groups vacating the room to allow us to have it ready for you, so too are other groups dependent on you adhering to your schedule.

If you should notice that your schedule needs have changed beyond the agreed upon times, please notify us immediately so that we can accommodate the needs of all parties. If the expected attendance should change requiring a different room, please alert us as soon as possible so that we can make any necessary adjustments in function space assignments and rental charges.

Occasionally, circumstances beyond our control exist. We reserve the right to make function space assignment changes based on fluctuations in expected attendance or to best accommodate all of our guests. When instances like this occur, we will work pro-actively to ensure that you or your guests are not greatly inconvenienced.

Please note that the Steamboat Grand Resort Hotel & Conference Center is a non-smoking environment. Smoking is permitted in designated outside areas.

Function Space Setup

The set-up of your function space has a tremendous impact on the experience level and productivity levels you plan to achieve. Allow our experienced professionals to make recommendations to you to best achieve these results. We will be asking you information about the following criteria:

Set-Up Requirements:

Explain to us your intentions and allow us to help design a set that maximizes our potential to deliver for you. We’ll want to know the presentation format and whether your guests will be interacting with one another. Please provide us as much information as possible.

Directional Signage:

Our staff will provide professional quality directional signage and meeting room identification for the convenience of your guests. We will need to know exactly how you want your event to be known or worded. Please refrain from posting hand-written signs or flip-chart signs in any of our common public space. Should you have additional signage needs, allow our Conference Services Department to aid you.

Audio-Visual Equipment and Services:

Audio-Visual aids greatly enhance any event. Our professionally trained audio-visual technicians are in-house and on-site ready to assist and are part of the nationally known firm of J&S Audio-Visual. Allow us to provide you with the convenience of handling all arrangements as well as including these charges into one final bill.

Banners, Display Items & Decorations:

These too can greatly add to your atmosphere that you are trying to achieve. We ask that you not try to set up displays or hang banners by yourself by affixing them to any stationary wall, floor, door, or ceiling with nails, staples, tacks, or tape. We would appreciate 24 hours lead-time of your needs so that we can schedule assistance. Based on the amount and time needed, it may be necessary for us to charge a nominal labor fee for this service. If you plan to do decorating yourself, additional time may be needed to reserve the room and to allow us to coordinate the activities of our staff with yours. If you are looking to provide special themed decorations, we will be happy to introduce you to our partners at Destination Services of Colorado, Inc. They have the additional resources to best accommodate your needs.

Office Equipment:

We can arrange for you to have phones, faxes, copiers, shredders and other necessary equipment as well as a “meeting planner tool-box” (basic office supplies). Rental fees for these products can be explained during the planning phase.

Presenters, Exhibitors, Vendors, Retailers, Contractors, and Entertainers You may have the need to host presenters, exhibitors, contractors, or entertainment. Please instruct your contact with each of these respective groups to contact us so that we can finalize all arrangements with regards to:

Set-Up Requirements:

We will need to learn of all of their requirements and we will want to discuss with both of you the billing arrangements for services and equipment delivered.

Extension cords and Power Strips:

Our staff will furnish extension cords and power strips up to an agreed upon quantity. Occasionally, these are not available to be retrieved by our staff. In this event, we will find it necessary to charge a $10.00 replacement fee to your group account or your guest’s account for these items.

Exhibit tables:

We can set up tables to best accommodate the needs of the exhibitors and to accommodate traffic flow. Tables will be topped with cloths initially, and then skirted once the exhibitor or retailer is finished setting up. A daily maintenance fee of $20.00 per table will be assessed.

Electrical Requirements:

Our Hotel is prepared to meet the needs of most groups. Occasionally, additional power needs to be brought into the function space. Our engineering department or an outside electrician will be enlisted for support in those instances. Any related charges for this service can be explained to you during planning.

Rehearsal Schedules:

Routinely, rehearsal time is desired at the actual function site. We need to coordinate the activities of our staff to accommodate productive rehearsals.

Green Rooms:

Routinely, green rooms, complete with dressing areas, living room furniture, and food and beverage service is appreciated or required for keynote speakers or entertainers. We will need to know of all requirements and of billing arrangements.

Entertainment Curfews:

In the interest of courtesy to our guests and mountain neighbors, music provided outdoors needs to finish by 10:00pm. Bands and DJ’s performing indoors should plan to finish performing by 1:00am.

Load in and Load out:

Please instruct your groups to contact us so that we can schedule load in and load out activities on our back dock and in the function space to best accommodate the needs of all parties. It will be the responsibility of the above mentioned groups to work with us to use care in delivering, setting up, and removing all materials.

Shipping, Receiving, and Storage

It may be necessary to arrange for the shipping and receiving of materials designed to enhance your event or program. Additionally, you may want to arrange for materials to be shipped to the destination of choice for your attendees. We have trained experts on our staff to assist you in tracking, receiving, storing, delivering, and shipping items of all sizes before, during, and after your event. We can provide a rate sheet for the receiving and shipping of all materials during the planning phase. Parcels for events can generally be delivered to the hotel and securely stored two working days prior to the event date with notification to and approval from the Conference Services Department without charge. Likewise, parcels for events can generally be securely stored before shipping two working days after the event date with notification to and approval from the Conference Services Department without charge. Occasionally due to business volumes at the hotel, storage fees may become necessary inside of this two-day period due to the amount of packages needing to be stored. These charges can be discussed with you during planning. We kindly require that you distribute to all respective parties our incoming parcel shipping/address label that helps us to ensure more accurate tracking and delivery of necessary materials.

Food Service

The Steamboat Grand Hotel & Conference Center is the exclusive provider of food service to all of its guests in designated function space. This is done to ensure a safe and pleasant experience is enjoyed by all of your attendees. We take tremendous pride in the menu offerings of our chef and trust you will find numerous selections to accommodate the needs of your guests. We will be happy to arrange a visit with our Executive Chef who will custom tailor menus to include specialty or themed menus to best suit the needs of your attendees. As the exclusive provider, all food must be prepared by our expert culinarians. Exceptions will only be made for wedding cakes.

We recognize the growing importance of accommodating a diverse range of diets required by your guests. One size, one offering does not fit all anymore. We are able to accommodate the needs of most of your guests with some planning assistance from you. Anything you can do to learn of and communicate to us special dietary or religious needs you would obtain during the pre-registration or on-site registration would be invaluable to guest and staff alike. As a general rule, we will always prepare a few vegetarian meals that we will consider as part of your guarantee.

Serving quantities listed on the menu are approximate and are averages. Your actual consumption may vary greatly. If additional quantities are needed, we will make every effort to accommodate that request in a timely fashion or recommend substitutions. Our Catering Staff can assist you in ordering the proper quantities.

We recognize the growing interest of social responsibility with regards to the handling of leftover foods. By working closely with you in planning and execution, we plan to minimize as much waste as possible. Left over food originally ordered per person will not be sent home with attendees. Leftover food ordered by quantity can be handled in one of several ways. While it is our preference to handle it ourselves, food approved by the chef may be sent home with attendees so long as a waiver form is signed. Another option is for us to donate food to a shelter in your name (if desired) as health regulations provide and protect us with a “Good Samaritan Act”.

To ensure availability of all desired menu items, arrangements should be finalized as soon as possible or ten days prior to the event date, whichever comes first.

Beverage Services

The Steamboat Grand Hotel & Conference Center is the exclusive provider of beverage service to all of its guests in designated function space, especially with regards to alcoholic refreshments. This is done to ensure a safe and pleasant experience is enjoyed by all of your attendees. We offer a complete selection of beverages from a full bar to include both alcoholic and non-alcoholic libations. Our staff of mixologists can even create specialty drinks for your group.

As the exclusive provider of all beverage service in the Hotel, all refreshment must be provided and served by our staff. In the area of beer, wine, and liquor, all items must be served by our specially trained staff of bartenders to comply with State of Colorado Liquor Laws. No exceptions exist.

Occasionally, guests may have access to beer, wine, or liquor products that are unique, special, or unavailable to us and who want these available to other guests. Approval must be obtained from our General Manager for this and a corkage fee for each individual item must be applied. Exceptions for this do not exist.

Beer, wine, and liquor dispensed throughout the hotel must be enjoyed on hotel grounds, which include the outdoor area adjacent to our pool. Alcoholic refreshments may never leave the front doors under any circumstances.

Billing for all refreshments is done based on a physical consumption reflecting the difference between beginning and ending inventories. We welcome the opportunity to have you or a designate participate in these activities. Please note that we will only have 1litre bottles of alcohol at your bar unless otherwise specified. Our bartenders will be instructed to pour a 1.25-ounce shot into each mixed drink unless otherwise specified by you. Individual mixed drinks charged to your master account can be calculated at 27 drinks per litre. Please note that our wine bottles will either be a 750ml or a 1.5litre. Our bartenders will be instructed to pour 4 glasses per “750” or 8 glasses per “1.5”. Draft beer is only available for sale by the keg. You can expect to get about 144 12-ounce servings of beer per keg.

We have a wine list that offers selections to complement our food and one that provides for varying tastes and budgets. You may choose to request a wine not listed on our menu. In that instance, we will make every effort to obtain that product. Please understand our need to charge your group for every bottle or case we bring into the hotel in this instance.

The legal age for consumption of alcoholic refreshments in the State of Colorado is 21 years old. Colorado State Law allows us to require a valid picture identification of anyone appearing to be 26 years of age or less. Please excuse any inconvenience your guest may experience or express when this occurs. Please understand our right to refuse service to any guest unable to present required identification.

A bartender fee of $50.00 will be applied to any bar whose revenue does not exceed $400.00, or for each hour the bar extends beyond three (3) hours. A cashier fee is required for each cash bar. A cashier fee of $25.00 per hour will be applied for each bar.

We recognize the growing social and legal concerns related to providing bars to guests. The altitude here does make a difference. While we do not anticipate any such occurrences from your guests, once in a while someone may enjoy a little too much from a bar that you arranged for (regardless of whether it is a host bar or cash bar). If this should happen, we will enlist your support in handling the situation.

To ensure availability of all desired menu items, arrangements should be finalized as soon as possible or ten days prior to the event date, whichever comes first.

Pre-Event Meeting

Upon your arrival to our hotel, we would like to schedule a time for you to meet key members of our hospitality team who will be responsible for the success of your program. We would like to briefly go through the agenda of each event to gain an increased understanding of your needs and to make additional modifications or recommendations.

Post-Event Meeting

Upon the conclusion of your stay with us, we would appreciate the opportunity for you to briefly meet with a member of our management team. We’ll be interested in learning of all of the times we met your expectations as well as the times we didn’t. This information is important to us as we value our relationship with you and make an effort to continuously improve the quality of our products and services. Additionally, this is an ideal opportunity for us to have a representative of our accounting team review your charges, answer questions, and make necessary adjustments.

Guest Counts

During the course of the planning and service of your event we will have an opportunity to discuss four different guest count numbers. They are the Expected Count, The Guarantee Count, The Set Count, and The Actual Count.

For efficient planning purposes, we will work to have your expected guest attendance count as close to your guarantee count as possible. A final guarantee attendance number for all events will be required by noon three business days prior to the event. If we are unable to obtain the guarantee number from you, we will take the expected guest attendance number as the guarantee. This becomes the number that your organization is financially responsible for. While you can always increase your guarantee, this number cannot be reduced once it has been set.

Based upon the guaranteed guest count and the type of event you are hosting, the hotel will make a determination whether to be set 5% – 10% over your guarantee count. We will establish this number with you during the planning stages. If actual attendance is greater than the set amount, we will make every effort to provide those additional guests with an experience comparable to that of your other guests.

Your final bill will reflect charges for the guaranteed amount or the actual attendance, whichever is greater.

Occasionally, an Act of God or other circumstances beyond your control may prevent some of your guests from being able to attend your event. We will handle each instance on a case by case basis with regards to billing.

Pricing, Service Charges, Taxes, and Cancellation Fees

Unless otherwise notes, all menu pricing is per person. Pricing on our menus is subject to change without notice. Guaranteed pricing can be assured to your group within 90 days of your event. Exceptions to this practice will be considered for certain events.

Prices quoted on our menus do not include our 20% service charge, nor Colorado State or County Taxes of 8.4%. Under Colorado law, sales tax is charged on the service charge amount.

Outdoor events represent a wonderful option for your guests; however, they represent additional labor required to host such events. In the event of an outdoor function, your group will be assessed a service charge of $3.00 per guaranteed guest, or actual attendance, whichever is greater.

Regrettably, situations occur when you might need to cancel an event with us. A schedule of cancellation fees and conditions is specified in the Sales Contract for you to review.

Credit, Deposits, Review of Charges, Tax Exemption, and Payment of Services

We ask that credit be established between your organization and our hotel accounting department prior to your event.

For social events, the receipt of a deposit representing 100% of estimated actual charges will be required 7 business days prior to your event.

For all other groups, payment of the total balance due should be made upon the receipt of our invoice. A schedule of late charges that will be applied are specified in the Sales Contract.

The hotel reserves the right to request all or part of the bill prior to the function.

At the conclusion of each of your events, we ask that you or a designate review charges with the Banquet Captain and sign the Event Check.

Under Colorado Law, Tax Exemption is available to your group if you file a State Of Colorado Certificate of Exemption for Sales and Use Tax form with our accounting department prior to your event.

Parking Charges

We have a 211 space on-site, underground parking structure. Parking rates are listed on the Sales Contract. Charges for parking may be posted to your master account or handled by your individual guest.

Safety and Security

Your safety and security is of primary concern to us. Our staff will take every measure to handle matter relevant to your group in a confidential manner and ensure you and your guests enjoy a comfortable environment. By working together, we can help create an incident free experience.

The Steamboat Grand shall not assume responsibility for the damage or loss of any merchandise or materials brought to the hotel. You may make arrangements for your function areas, exhibits, materials or merchandise to be secured or monitored during anytime you are present or away. Our Conference Service Staff can assist you with these arrangements and advise you of any related expenses.

Our staff will refresh function areas throughout the day and night. Please specify to our Conference Services Staff those items you want to remain in the area. Frequently, materials are inadvertently left behind in function areas. The Steamboat Grand will not be held responsible for articles left unattended throughout our hotel.

Property Damage

The client is responsible for any loss or damage incurred by the hotel and/or its guests and staff as a result of actions by the clients guests, attendees, employees, independent contractors or other agents under the clients control.